April 9, 2020

Unexpected gifts

One of my best ever ideas was to start alternating Thursdays and Fridays off with one of my fellow doctors. Today was my Thursday off and next week I get a 3 day weekend. Brilliant, as far as I’m concerned. In most offices, the senior physician always gets Fridays off, leaving the newer ones to cover and solve all the issues that come in late Friday afternoon. And since the more experienced doctor usually has more complicated patients, solving those problems is not always easy. I could have had my schedule be that way, but I actually enjoy a restful Thursday regularly. My partner gets regular 3 day breaks as well, a gift to her since she is new to our group. As leader of my team, I can keep my pulse on what things are like on Fridays and really help out. I feel I have gained more than I gave up.

Today was a semi day of rest. I slept in, drank coffee, relaxed, walked with Jamie, gardened some, and now I will get to cook dinner and try a new recipe. A very satisfactory day. Still have had to do some work and emails and help with our results team. But I know I am blessed to be in Seattle on a sunny spring day, where we have flattened the curve. I am privileged that I have room in my neighborhood to walk and keep the safe 6 foot distance. And the flowers are stunning.

I want to remind everyone to stay sensible and not let up, we could backtrack easily. I see so many people out and about, not necessarily following the suggested spacing. We are still learning the details of how this virus is transmitted and we get new information regularly with information on running and biking safely. As the data evolves, it seems reasonable to be aware of droplets hanging in the air as someone runs or bikes by.

The other things we need to think about are the masks we have all adopted. How to really keep us safe. What is the best material? What pattern?Are we wearing them correctly? How to care for them and how many do I need? So much to think about, almost too many choices.

The situation in New York is more stable, but other areas are heading for trouble. We all have given up things we took for granted, times are not easy. Even with that, you can find ways to help, which will surprise you with gifts in return. And please, ask for help if you need it, so many of us are there for you. It might surprise you to find that out.

Wash your hands. And as Randy Newman sings: Stay Away

And finally, my caveat is that this is my experience and my opinions, which are subject to change as more information is available, and not related to the organization I work for. Thanks for reading.