August 21, 2020

Visual aids

Tonight is Friday and it has been a long week and I am seeing patients tomorrow. I am having a “Senior Saturday” to see some of my older patients for their wellness check. It is a service for them to come in when the clinic is pretty empty and the lab is open. I feel it is very safe for them to come in with low risk of exposure to the coronavirus. It makes for a long week for me, but the patients appreciate it.

So I present you with this article from Science Magazine to peruse. It is a “visual library” of COVID. It is quite detailed and shows the graphics that the magazine has been using in articles since the pandemic began and shows how the virus attacks, about testing, about complications, about immune responses, and more. It may put you to sleep or you might find it fascinating.

I have also included an illustrated update from the Washington Post showing vaccine candidates and reassurance that gaiters are re-deemed and OK to wear after all.

And a useful article about planning ahead in case you were to get infected. Good to think about so you can be prepared. Hopefully it will not be needed, but good to put things in order anyway.

That is probably enough to chew on tonight. I myself am thinking about my friends and family in California and praying for their safety from the fires.