Update from an Epidemic

Dispatches from a physician working in the midst of the Covid 19 outbreak

  • Welcome to Update from an Epidemic by Betsy Brown, MD, a family physician. I have worked for the Indian Health Service during the Hantavirus outbreak, community health centers and non-profits caring for people with HIV and Hepatitis C, with uninsured and insured, in both rural and urban areas, now I work in the private sector for a large multi-speciality clinic in urban Seattle. I have always been interested in infectious diseases and I was lucky enough to have helped conduct clinical trials for new HIV and Hepatitis C medications for a few years. And now I love my panel of full spectrum patients that range in age from 3 weeks to 97.

  • I started documenting my day to day experiences with the onset of the coronavirus outbreak in my state on Facebook. I was surprised how my writings resonated with people and helped many have a better understanding of the developing situation. Multiple shares are happening daily as the situation heats up

  • With that in mind, I want to continue my documentation in blog form so my friends and others not on Facebook can get the same benefit. As it turns out, who knew I would want to write about an epidemic?

  • I do not claim complete scientific accuracy, partly because things on the ground are changing daily, even minute to minute. I will try to cite sources and references when possible

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