December 25, 2020

Unexpected Gifts

To me Christmas is about giving, which gives back so much in return. Just like Thanksgiving, I try to focus on my gratitude, which makes everything feel better.

Gifts come in unexpected and surprising ways. When gifts appear and we recognize them, our lives can change for the better. Tonight, I want to encourage people to remember to look for joy, despite the pandemic. Feeling joy is a gift we are given and can surprise us at unexpected and needed times. No guilt allowed.

Last year at this time, I was planning to focus on a different form of creativity. I had completed my first crankie, a moving “panorama”. Crankies are an entire subculture, where stories and songs are performed in beautiful and creative ways. I had started on my next one, outlining the story and refining the details. I intended to work on my storytelling skills.

But then the pandemic happened and I started writing about it. One day I will start up again on the crankies, but for now this blog is my gift to you and your loved ones. Finding understandable information during these times is not easy. My background is uniquely suited for this task. I have been moved to do it and have gotten so much in return, including reconnecting with old friends. I have learned so much.

So tonight I share with you Ida’s Great Adventure, a true tale of friendship, perseverance, and receiving gifts from unexpected places, with help from Jamie Hascall on banjo.

The best gift I received this week will happen tomorrow when I will get my first dose of the Moderna vaccine. I will give a good update about it and more vaccine information tomorrow.

Wash your hands, cover your nose, keep safe six, and find joy.