January 2, 2021

Never give up the fight

Yesterday I wrote about receiving gifts, both unexpected and generous. Today I want to talk about giving, which often is more a gift for the giver than the receiver. I have been writing these posts almost daily since March. I give them freely as gifts to you, hoping to help keep you safe, keep you educated, keep you connected, keep you well. I get gifts in return for this as well, which is why I keep writing. I started writing to friends scattered across the country. Now I have new friends and old friends that I continue to write for. I have discovered so much about myself and the world. I keep learning and living. IF my writing inspires you, please “pay it forward” in some way. Despite the dire news we hear daily, so much good is happening and we mustn’t forget that. Let’s add to the good news.

But sometimes I do get tired like tonight, when I am on call for my clinic for a week. My New Year’s Resolution is to get more sleep, which means I will take regular breaks, usually on Saturdays. So don’t worry if I miss a day.

So tonight, I share this excellent video from “Playing for Change” which is doing amazing work with musicians worldwide. I marvel at their sound editors.

Wash your hands, cover your nose, keep safe six, now more than ever.