March 28, 2020

Mandatory day of rest

I have been working every day for the past two weeks, not necessarily long days, but each day I spent time on the phone, on video conferences, seeing patients, calling patients, working on Inboxes, working on schedules, planning for the surge. I haven’t meant to work every day, but sometimes that happens, especially when I have to take call, like last weekend. And I will be working tomorrow to call patients about positive tests and check in on them, and finalizing our plan to manage patients next week that are positive.

So today, I mandated a day off. Do you know how hard it is not to think about work during a pandemic? Almost impossible, especially for me. But I did manage to enjoy it and rest up. Jamie and I took two long walks, got a couple batches of green coffee roasted, delivered some to dear friends, cooked some food, and played some tunes together.

And I worried. Hard not to.

But I found solace in the ridiculous and the sublime.