November 21, 2020

More laughter needed

Yesterday, Jamie and I took off in our sweet little camper and headed down I-5 stopping first at the Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge and then headed to a small Rainbow Falls State Park for the night. We were in search of birds- raptors specifically. This was a complete change of pace and a needed one. We are helping out a raptor survey as citizen scientists.

I meant to post something, I had it all planned, but it turned out I was out of bandwidth literally and figuratively, minimal cell phone coverage and minimal energy.

My brother-in-law made my post easy for tonight and I am grateful for his sharing this video with me. When I was in medical school, the University of North Carolina sent at least half of our class overseas, over the course of our 3rd year, to do our “Obs and Gyne” rotations in English speaking countries, usually the UK, Ireland, or Australia. This was a great way to expose us to different health care systems. I got to spend 6 weeks in Dundee, Scotland. However, I have to say that I wasn’t sure it was an English speaking country. I had a hard time understanding the patients for the first few weeks. This video demonstrates the challenges.

Wash your hands, cover your nose, keeps safe six, laugh as much as you can.