October 4, 2020

More awe, less doom

Yesterday I wrote about Awe Walks and how they can help our well being. An Awe Walk is one in which you keep your eyes open, seeing what you may have missed, causing you to stop and really take in what you have seen. It may be a flower, an architectural feature, art, something that draws your attention.

We are all spending way too much time right now, worrying about things we can’t control. Yes, I lost some sleep last night thinking too much. So much doom scrolling right now. 2020 continues to challenge us all.

Today, Jamie and I took an Awe Walk. We did one yesterday too. Hard to choose today what to share, but I am moved by the bark on this Metasequoia (Dawn Redwood).

Try going for your own Awe Walks and share what you see with friends and take a break from the news. The world can wait.

Wash your hands, cover your nose, keep safe six. Yes, those still work- the techniques we all need to keep us healthy. And don’t forget your Awe Walk.